Spiritual warfare prayer points: Evil priests and enemies shall die!

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Numbers 23 vs 23: There is no sorcery against Jacob, no divination against Israel

In this new year, God wants us to embark on spiritual warfare prayers to overcome evil priests and household enemies.

You need to say these prayer points violently to silent these evil priests.

Few days ago, the Holy Spirit showed me a vision, in which some young guys wanted to cross over to a land, and the  Chief Priest of land stood in the way blocking the passage.

The guys had to go through another route to reach their destination.

Pray like this:

  1. Evil Priests blocking my progress, fall down and die in Jesus name.
  2. Chief Priests of my family and native town, blocking my progress, I overpower you in Jesus name
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  1. Realtor Antonio Posted on February 20, 2014 at 10:05 pm

    amen… powerful.. definitely adding this to my Power points

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